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Wild Oats of the Heart

Wow, how time does fly by & at an increasingly fast pace. Summer flew past right into fall and now winter is upon us.

Fall is such a beautiful time, especially because it is harvest! This harvest season I spent a ton of time riding in the buddy seat of the swather next to dad (he even let me try driving!) We talked about many many different things, but the conversation that I remember the most is that of "Wild Oats".

Now, I didn't know too much about wild oats until dad educated me on this. To be honest I just thought they were like regular oats....... except "Wild". (Yes, I am a little bit ashamed at the fact I did not know they were a weed 😂).

When wild oats begin to grow, they appear just like cultivated oats. Cute little green shoots springing from the black, hard dirt, in need of light and moisture. Wild oats can be distinguished from tame or cultivated oats by it's noticeably taller growth as well as the appearance of their seeds. The seeds of wild oats are characterized by their hairy, dark-colored, sharp-pointed "seed" having a long, twisted black awn. Whereas the seed of cultivated oats is hairless, always a tawny white, lacks a sharp point, and is either without an awn or with a very short straight awn. There are other characteristics, but these are the main two that I would like to point out.

Now that we have concluded that short lesson on weeds, I want to talk about the weeds of our hearts.

As I thought through this newfound information it reminded me of sin. When sin starts out, it can look very attractive, innocent and appealing. It begins as a little seed in the soil of our hearts. Once the seed is fully, mature it is black and useless. No good thing can come from a seed that is black and rotten.

We may make excuses to try and justify our sin that sound something like this...

~ It'll be fun.

~ I won't cross the line, I'll just see how close I can get.

~ You only live once, I want to enjoy being young.

~ It's not THAT BAADD.

In the beginning, it might just look like innocent fun. It might look like that deceiving little green shoot in the soil, but it can rapidly turn into much more. You may have all the "right feelings" or the "good vibes" but listen here; YOUR HEART IS DECEITFUL ABOVE ALL ELSE. Don't be surprised when it leads you into the dark. Into places you thought you wanted to be but now regret. What are you going to do when you come too from the haze of self-satisfaction you've been living in and realize this isn't where you wanted to end up. Temporary satisfaction holds NO eternal value. But a life of faith is a beautiful thing. A life that is spent depending on God. The more you allow sin to invade your life, the more ground it will claim. You give it an inch and it will go until it has gained every last millimeter of space you allow it. The seeds of sin are black, their fruit is rotten and corrupt, the only gain is regret and shame. The more you allow these weeds to grow the more their seeds will spread. Taking over little by little.

So let me ask you..... what weeds are you allowing to grow in the beautiful soil of your heart? What weeds are thriving that should be plucked from the soil? What weeds are you nurturing more than your fruits? We need to learn to identify the weeds that sometimes take root in our hearts so that they will not choke out the fruit that strives to grow there.

I do not speak on the grounds that "I am perfect" but under the banner of "I know how it feels to be in this place." I know how it feels to try and say no to sin when it seems so inviting. It always feels easier to just go along with it than to stand up and say no. Christians are to be known by the fruits they bear. (Matthew 7:20). What are the fruits that you are bearing in your life? Or...what are the fruits that you are lacking to produce?

This is a serious question and one that I implore and encourage you to take time and ask yourself. It will be worth your while.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such, there is no law. Galatians 5:22-23

I do not speak of this to you to make you feel lacking or inadequate, but to remind you of the importance of the condition of the soil of your heart. Is it in need of some water to strengthen you and help you grow? Is it wantful of sunshine, to expose the unseen places of your heart and bring redemption and healing? Is it in need of warmth and tenderness to break down the walls of your heart so that you can step into the love that Jesus Christ has for you?

We have the greatest gardener and He has the best remedy for getting rid of our weeds. He has all the tools necessary and has gifted you with His word the Bible to instruct you on how to use them properly. Don't waste your time wondering why you can never escape the clutches of that persistent sin if you never remove the root. You can pull out a weed on the surface but if you never remove the root you will never remove the weed.

Take the time to get to know your gardener!

Sincerely, Chelsea🌾💕


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