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What kind of persuaded?

"You almost persuade me to become a Christian", the famous words of King Agrippa. He was the great-grandson of King Herod who tried to kill Jesus as a baby.

A man so close to salvation but still missed Heaven by 18 inches. The distance from your head to your heart. How sad...

You can believe the bible is true.

You can believe God is real.

You can believe Jesus was the Son of God and still never enter Heaven's gates.

Hell will be full of people who believed, but they didn't believe they needed to take this message seriously.

It's not head knowledge that matters, but what you know and accept in your heart.

Paul stood before King Agrippa, exercising his right as a Roman citizen. There he told him of his conversion and the new mission that had been placed on his life. Not a mission of murdering Christ followers, but of expanding Christ's kingdom even further. To Jews... and... Gentiles. I wonder what ran through King Agrippa's mind as he listened to Paul's miraculous conversion story on the road to Damascus. I'm sure he was intrigued at the least. But did he want for himself to be called to this life of hardship and servitude? I think the sacrifice of the riches and ease he enjoyed may have kept him from being fully persuaded. But that's just my take.

Matthew 19:24 says ....It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. King Agrippa would have been a man of great wealth and status. That was where he went wrong. A man like him who had everything at his fingertips. Why did he need this "God"?

How mistaken He was.

Romans chapter 4 reminds us of Abraham and God's promise to him.

Abraham was fully persuaded that God was able to perform what He had promised.

Two men who lived thousands of years apart, both lives impacted because of what kind of "persuaded" they were.

Abraham's decision to follow God fully persuaded changed the course of history and ultimately brought about the arrival of Jesus Christ on earth.

And what of King Agrippa? Forgotten by the tides of history and left to wallow in his decision for the rest of eternity.

So how will you live? Almost persuaded or fully persuaded?

Will you be an Abraham or an Agrippa?

God did fulfill His promise to Abraham. He is faithful and He is trustworthy.

Choose wisely what kind of persuaded you will be.

Sincerely, Chelsea 💕


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