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What He's Done!

One of my favorite songs we sing in church is called "What He's Done"! I often find myself humming the tune because it is so beautiful, but it's the words I really want to drive at.

The chorus goes like this,

"What He's done

What He's done

All the honor and the glory to the Son

My sins are forgiven

My future is heaven

I praise God for what He's done"

I love this song for the reminder of the eternal hope we have in Jesus' work at the Cross. He did it all & now it's up to us, what we will do with that information. Will you take action, repent, and call upon the name of the Lord for salvation? Or will you allow another day to pass you by, drawing closer and closer to the day when you will cross into eternity and finalize your eternal resting place?

God knows the number of your days & He says "Now is the day of salvation".

Now to all my fellow Christians, living the faith. Do the stories of the bible ever become mundane or even dare I say.... boring?

It's like yes, I've heard of Goliath and Noah's ark, tell me something I don't know.

I've found that these stories can become monotonous because that's all we see them as, stories.

When we start to view the bible as the accounts God wanted us to know about and not just ancient stories..... it really brings it to life. These are the true, real-life, actually happened accounts of things that God did and recorded for us to be able to read! HOW COOL IS THAT!

Jesus' death and resurrection is not just a story we've heard 1000 times, it is the foundation for EVERYTHING we believe. If there was no death and resurrection then this would all be pointless. It's not just the story of the carpenter's son who got himself killed & apparently could do miracles. It's the real-life account of MY JESUS, it's the real-life account of WHAT HE'S DONE so that I could live in freedom. May we never become complacent with the cross of Christ, the entire center of who we are.

I pray that your hearts would be open to the Lord and how He is working in your heart today!

Sincerely Chelsea!


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