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Sound Of Forgiven

I used to think my favorite sound was baling baby calves

Or swinging gates

The nicker from my painted filly

And the wind waving the tiger lily

April rain on the barns tin roof

Old squeaky saddles under hoof

I love nothing more than stepping outside to the robin's song

Pulling up worms from the ground they belong

I love the sound of gravel under my Boulet boots

And the pride I have in my blue-collar roots

There is nothing like a crackling flame

And the howling wind that calls your name

I could reminisce all night

Of the stories & laughter by firelight

When I chamber a shell in my 22.

It takes me back to the thoughts of my youth

Hunting gophers in the evening cool

Drinking Orange Crush at Grandpas on a stool

All of these I was sure were my favorite things

Till I heard a choir of broken people praising His name

Tell me... have you ever heard the voices of 100 people raising the steeple

It's a sound like you've never heard before

It'll shake you to your very core

A collection of broken hearts

Erupting in joyous song

It's the sound of the free, redeemed, and forgiven

It's a small taste of the sound of heaven

It's an old man, young man, all man's song

It's the voice of the family to which you belong

The sound of the forgiven plays a melody for the weak

Bring your chains & your shame & get set free

Don't think you are too far gone

Let this be your brand new song

That Jesus loves me this I know

For the bible tells me so

It was for me, yes all for me

Oh love of God, so great so free

For every sin on Him was laid

The price of my debt fully paid

It's all because of Jesus I'm alive today

It's all because of Jesus who took my sin away

Yes, Yes, the sound of forgiven is my favorite sound

For it is in the grace of God I am found

So much of all God has created reminds me of who God is. But in my mind, there is nothing superior to His creatures created in His very image praising His name. The name that is above every name. The only name under heaven by which you MUST be saved. Rest in the goodness of God today & if you do not yet know His goodness personally.... call on the name of the Lord & seek Him while He can still be found.

Sincerely, Chelsea💕


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