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Payment Due

As I sat in Tim Hortons sipping on a London Fog, (FYI if you have never tried one you need to) I started to think what it would be like to reach the end of your life thinking you're going to make it into heaven. Only to meet God at the outskirts and hear Him say "Depart from me, I never knew you." This poem that I wrote portrays a conversation between God and an unsaved person that believes they have lived a good enough life to make it into heaven. I am praying that these words would speak to the hearts of people.

"Payment Due"

Sinner: Oh no that can't be true

I tithed weekly & always sat in the front center pew

I was confirmed in my church & baptized at birth

I lived a good life, better than most

You could say I didn't just talk the talk but I walked the walk

I fed the hungry & gave to the poor

I made cookies for my neighbor & even helped fix their garage door

See Lord, I'm better than most

Of all my good works I can boast

God: Oh, child, you've been led astray

It's through faith alone, there is no other way

I know you've heard the truth,

I sent messengers to you

There was the kind, old lady, down the street

And John 3:16 written in the concrete

You turned your eyes & hardened your heart in stubborn pride

You subdued the subtle knock & followed the lost flock

Sinner: But Lord.... I didn't know.... I didn't realize it was by grace alone

I was sure there was a scale, that tipped toward worthy or tipped toward ill

That's what I learned in the ole Sunday School room

My teacher said "This is what I must do"

Be kind to everyone & love your neighbor as yourself

Always turn the other cheek & try your best to be humble & meek

Don't murder, lie, steal or cheat

God the Father always sees

Child, just do your best

God will forgive the rest

If you ever fall short, confess to the priest

All your shame will be released

Now I see I'm sorely mistaken

It only took life after death to finally awaken

God, please make an exception for me

I don't want to be separated from thee

God: Child, you know it is by grace alone

Yet you tried to make it on your own

I sent My Son to pay your debt and yet rejection is what He gets

He was the perfect one, compassion filled

Yet "Crucify Him, Crucify Him" the people railed

He was born to a virgin, Mary was her name

The King of kings, wrapped in swaddling clothes, came to make a way

He was sentenced to die, "It is Finished" was His final cry

He was placed in a tomb

The Pharisees thought they had sealed His doom

But death had no sting

In 3 days, He arose & let victory ring

Sinner: I wish I'd taken a minute to listen to this news

To understand that He died for friends & family too

Now I see that it was my sin that drove the nails

It was my ransom that compelled Him up that lonely hill

He was hung on that tree

Forsaken there just for me

I lived my life as a religious person

Yet I've missed the gates of heaven

His final plea was made for me

That I would accept the payment made on a tree

He credited my account & I tried to pay the tab myself

Now I see & understand, but it's too late the verdicts found

I know that it was for me & the gates of heaven I must leave

I stand guilty & rightly so

Now down to hell I must go

Now I must pay the eternal debt & of all my sin never forget

Please loved ones, don't follow me down here

Accept Jesus Christ has paid the price

For it is by grace alone

Not of good works, I do on my own

Sincerely Chelsea 💕


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