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No Bad Service

How annoying is it when you are on the phone with someone and mid-conversation you lose service and your call ends.

It always seems to happen at the most awkward times too.... like mid-joke and then you just leaving them hanging or you don't even realize the call has ended and you just keep babbling on for like half a minute to yourself. That always makes me feel like such an idiot hahaha.

Last week I was up spending some time with my family! We had the most fun time. Grandma was making breakfasts fit for a King and Grandpa was chauffering us around for swimming and food like it was going out of style.

But while I was up there my phone had terrible service. It was grinding my gears so much. I had 4 bars yet my phone would not work. I probably looked like a fool walking around with my arm in the air waiting for my texts to send.

While I was having a little fit about the bad service I had this thought that struck me....

"Aren't you glad there is no bad service

when you are talking to God?”

This thought knocked all of my ungratefulness out of me in a second. I can't imagine what it would be like to not be able to get a hold of God ASAP.

Do you ever feel like God can't hear you? Like your in a bit of a "dead zone" in life? That mountain is too high and the service with God is spotty.... "I'll just try and make it out of this one on my own."

You might think cause you haven't been walking the straight and narrow that God doesn't even want to hear from you. THAT IS A LIE. God always wants to hear our prayers! He is interested and cares about what is going on in our lives. 1 Peter 5:7 is proof that He cares for you and is interested in your life.

God is never too busy to pick up the phone and listen to you, He is never too invested in someone else's issues to hear about your own, He is not too high up or too far away for your earnest prayers to reach His ear.

God will never leave you on hold to listen to that annoying music, He will listen with intent as soon as you call.

I like to think about Jonah, no matter how far he ran or where he went he could not escape God. Even in the belly of a whale God still had His eyes on him and was watching over him.

When Jonah sinned against God it didn't crumple the purpose that God had for his life. It just took a little longer to get there and probably caused a bruise or two in Mr. Jonah's ego.

Do not think that you've walked away from God too many times that He can not use you in some way. God is a redeemer and a rescuer. The plans He has for your life are good and way better than anything you could plan on your own. Repentance is the way back to God. Repent from what you have done and the evil that has tainted you for far too long. He is faithful and just to forgive you and to make you clean.

God will never hang up on us but we may hang up on Him. I've been there and oh it must crush God's heart when one of His children doesn't want to talk with Him. Communication with God is essential for your spiritual life to be healthy. Through the gift of prayer, we can talk to God and through the bible, God can communicate His heart and desires to us.

Take the time today to thank God for the open and unhindered communication that we can have with Him at any time and during any struggle.

Talk to God today and do not worry, God never drops a call.

Sincerely, Chelsea 💕


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