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New Year, Same God

Every Year, we excitedly wait for the arrival of the New Year, and all the expectations

of "New Year, New Me."

This year is going to be the year we kick all our bad habits in the butt, break up with all our anxiety, lose that extra 10 pounds, cut out sugar, and become the version of ourselves we dream about.

I'm not here to shame you if any of these are your goals...these are great aspirations we could probably all work towards.

But...what about your spiritual goals, what about the goals and milestones that God wants you to reach, what about the unfulfilled potential you have because of the blinder you are wearing?

If every Christ follower lived radically with the power they have been anointed with in Jesus name...I think it would be unbelievable. I think our society would be transformed, I think there would be revival.

God has experienced an infinite amount of New Years & He forever remains the same. He doesn't need a self-help coach, me time, or self-care days. He is forever dependable, reliable & trustworthy.

I don't know about you but that's a God that I want to put all of my hope and trust in.

A few nights ago I was driving home from work in the evening. I was thinking of all my goals for this year! I want to grow a big garden, read 1 book a month, and perfect sourdough bread, just to name a few. I pondered all this New Year holds. The joys, the trials, the new beginnings, etc.

I asked myself this question... "What is my scripture for this year? A verse that will encompass all that I may be faced with? That I cling too, that I can hide in my heart, that I will repeat over and over to be reminded of God's faithfulness no matter my circumstances."

The Holy Spirit almost immediately placed this verse on my heart.

You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you,

because he trusts in you. Isaiah 26:3

Boom that was it! I will not be kept in perfect peace because of stable financials, I will not be kept in perfect peace with the best diet and my dream body, I will not be kept in perfect peace with a perfect marriage, I will not be kept in perfect peace by worrying about things I cannot control, I will not be kept in perfect peace by having a perfectly clean house at all times... but, I will be kept in perfect peace when my mind is stayed on the LORD through ALL of it.

There is no part of your life that God does not care about, there is no part of your life that God does not want to work in. To prune, to transform, to renew, to restore, to rebuild.

He cares about it all the things you hide, the things you lie about, the things you hate, the things you wish weren't a part of your story, the parts you wish you could tear out of your book.

He desires that you would take your eyes off of yourself and put them on Him, on the Cross, so that He may keep you in perfect peace.

I pray for each one of you diligently, I don't know you all, but God does & He loves you endlessly.

Go in perfect peace today knowing God has got your back!

Sincerely Chelsea!


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