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Jesus can heal what you're hiding

How do you overcome the secret sin that you desperately want to beat?

You've prayed about it and asked God to free you from its bondage.

You have fervently promised God that you will do better.

You read your bible consistently in hopes this will break you free.

You are plugged into a great church and attend events and bible studies religiously.

But all your attempts to break free still come up futile.

I know how you feel... I've been there too.

It might be pornography, self-harm, gluttony, lying, infidelity, or same-sex attraction.

All these things are sinful as we know from the Holy & Inspired word of God.

When we partake in trespasses as a Christian our conscience is always ringing the alarm. At least it should be.

"This isn't right",

"We shouldn't be doing this",

"God would not approve' and so on".

The Bible says that God has written His laws on our hearts so that without even being taught we know internally right from wrong.

If you have become numb and your conscience no longer is sensitive. You may have a seared conscience, which is a whole other topic.

Let me show you the steps I took to break the cycle of the secret sin that I was hiding.

Step #1 Once we have been led into temptation (being tempted is not a sin until we act on it) and committed to carrying out that sin, that decision will come with a lot of shame & guilt. This is EXACTLY where Satan wants to keep you. If Satan can keep you in a seemingly hopeless cycle of sin, shame, repeat. He has you right where he wants you. In the perfect place where your salvation will not amount to anything more than a one-time transaction between you and God. You will be a Christian saved by the grace of God that does not realize the firepower you wield as a child of the one true King. Satan wants to keep you blind, helpless, afraid, & ashamed.

Step #2 NAME YOUR SHAME & PAIN - this is the hardest one, or it was for me.

I cannot stress this enough, identifying your sin, calling it out and repenting of it is how you get free. You see, people do evil in the dark because evil is scared of the light. It exposes it for what it truly is. Ugly and despicable. Bringing your sin into the light is what will eventually set you free.

Step #3 Once you have called out your sin and repented. Find a trusted friend, counsellor or accountability group to help you stay accountable so you do not slide back into that same sin again.

RECAP: Ok, that was a lot. So I just want to take another minute and relay this to you again!

When I say "bring your sin into the light", I mean you need to say it out loud to someone you trust. At the moment you do. You will feel Satan's hold on you completely start to slip. And I mean it!

I know what you're thinking...

"I could never possibly tell someone this",

"no one will understand",

"I am the only one that struggles with this".

First of all yes you can & no you're not!

Unconfessed & hidden sin will strain your relationship with the Lord. In order to stay in constant and close communion we need to keep a short account with Him.

This is something I am so passionate about because I was under the devil's thumb for far too long.

Ladies and Gents, today is the day to get free IN THE NAME OF JESUS. Amen?...... AMEN!


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