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Hello to you all annnd GOODBYE sanity. Let me first ask you how you're holding up? I pray all is well. Well as you can see from my title were going to talk about "Homeschooling". (please bear with me if my spelling is not up to par, I was homeschooled hahah lol) Now I know that there are a lot of varied opinions around the subject of homeschooling, but.... I want to keep it cool and just relive some of my glory days to you as a homeschooler. I also want to give you some tips and tricks of the trade, for those of you who are in high school.

Growing up I always LOVED to learn so getting me to sit up and apply myself was not usually much of a challenge. My dream job was to become a Paleontologist ( I definitely had to search how to spell that word hahah ). For those of you who aren't 100% sure what that is, a Paleontologist is someone who studies life on earth from long ago, like fossils. I was completely obsessed with science, rocks, understanding cells and how they function, learning how people lived in the beginning, and memorizing the names of dinosaurs and what they liked to eat. I would spend hours around our shop digging in the gravel looking for fossils (I actually found quite a few) and pouring myself over the many creationist books that my mom bought for me. Anything I could read, listen to, or watch that had to do with paleontology, archeology, or creation was right up my alley. I was so privileged to do a Christian curriculum all through school. I was never confused as a kid about God being the Creator of the Universe, I knew that I was made in the image of God and that made me more unique and special than a puddle of slime. I knew that design demanded a designer. You can't have one without the other. Being taught the truth from the beginning and not having to come home and sort it out with my parents was a game changer. I didn't have to wonder if my teachers were telling the truth and then have to worry about trying to figure it out in my own little mind. I knew that the earth wasn't created millions of years ago from a random explosion. But that it was spoke into existence with love and design by our wonderful and awesome God. In high school the biology class that I took, taught me all about the different beliefs and theories out there. They didn't just teach me about them, but they taught me how to combat them. How to stand up for what I believe from a biblical point of view, while doing it in a humble and sensitive way.

Probably some of my fondest memories is making lunch everyday. We would discuss what we're each learning in school, we enjoyed making our favourite meals together (which was spaghetti and pierogies), we would quiz each other on how much we knew about certain subjects and of course non stop teasing. I understand better now how being homeschooled allowed me to just be a kid. I did not have to worry about being cool, I didn't have to be involved in all the drama that takes place between kids at school, I did not live with the fear of going to school just to be bullied or feel as though I'm never enough, and I escaped being exposed to a lot of stuff that isn't healthy for any child or teenager. The only thing that worried me was whether or not the wind had blown down the fort in the trees or not. What a relief when we could get back there to make sure it was still standing. The trees behind our house was our second home and a ready escape from the hum drum of textbooks and pencil sharpeners. When we got outside for the day you wouldn't see us till supper. I remember telling mom occasionally on the way out "You can call me anything you want, just don't call me late for supper" hahaha.

Hey teach, can we go back, I missed that.

When I hit high school my dreams of being a Paleontologist were replaced by the reality that life is real, it's scary and I need something a little more realistic. I started to get asked the same question a lot "So, what do you want to do when you graduate?" and my answer always was "I don't know". If your graduating this year and your feeling this way, I want to let you know, it is 100% OK. You do not need know right away. Besides how can you even expect an 18 year old to have that all figured out anyway. When I graduated and knew that I did not want to attend University, part of me felt ashamed or inferior, because I was not moving on to bigger and better things like other people my age. I felt pressured and questioned if maybe I had made the wrong decision. But hey, if there's no open doors, then there is NO OPEN doors. Please, if you feel this way, STOP. Do not compare yourself and your success to that of other people. Comparison is the killer of contentment and instantly needs to be squashed. God is writing your own story and how boring it would be if He wrote them all the same. I opted for taking a year to work, making some money, and taking some time to figure things out. I was blessed with the experience of working at our local vet clinic, which was a tremendous opportunity. I learnt so much during my time there, but I also learnt that Vet Tech was not the career for me.

At this point in my life I hit a real low spot. I was 19, had two part time jobs, custom rode horses in my backyard and had not the foggiest clue of what I wanted to do with my life. Not exactly what I had in mind for myself. God says He's got a plan and a purpose for my life, but this didn't seem like much of a plan to me. My faith and trust in God was stretched to the max as I wondered and hoped that this was not what God had in store. So many times I remember driving home from work feeling defeated. Telling God that

"IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THIS WAY". I'm supposed to have things figured out by now, the pressure of being SOMEONE and doing SOMETHING seemingly important got to my head. Now none of it was good enough. My comparison turned into discontentment and my unhappiness turned into anger, anger with God. I wanted to get moving but He seemed to just be holding me down in the same spot. If only I could of seen the bigger picture, the lessons He wanted me to learn and the path that He was preparing. If only I could of trusted God and not doubted His faithfulness and provision. I was at a point in life where I was at a big set of crossroads, so many uncertainties, so many what if's, maybe's, and possibilities. I had questions and I expected some answers. Oh man, when I think about it now I was such a fool. To think God would follow my orders and answer to my demands. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, and God wasn't moving at a fast enough speed for me. I wanted some instant results. At the same time as wanting God to do something great in my life I was too scared to hand over the wheel incase I didn't like God's plan. Can I just get a little taste first, just dip my toes in and then if I don't like it I can figure something else out. I became SO consumed, SO focused on this huge calling and purpose that God has for my life. I forgot that maybe He has me right where He wants me, maybe something good will come from all of this.

AND THEN...... I started to pray. I asked God for a job, any job, one that was consistent. 5 days a week or more. One that would provide for my quickly growing stack of bills. AND you know what God answered. In the simplicity of supper table conversation Dad told me of this job that was available and it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. God sure is good, even to a doubter like me. My take away lesson through this was "GOD IS FAITHFUL", even when I am not. God deserves to be trusted. Whenever I think back now, it was all so perfectly timed. If I had just waited patiently on the Lord, the wait could of been a lot more pleasant. Don't let this fall on deaf ears. I may have had to learn the lesson the hard way, but thats why I am sharing it with you. So you can remember to trust when it seems easier to doubt.

To those of you in High school. I know this might feel like an extended Summer Vacay. But this is the perfect time to put some effort into your relationship with God. To take time studying, reading your bible and spending 1 on 1 time with God. No distractions, no friends, no chiming phones, and incoming snapchats. During such a global crisis we all need peace and that is God's specialty. Take the time, read the word. Get organized or help your mom and dad with chores around the house. The Lord loves a cheerful giver and someone who gives freely of their time is selfless and appreciated by all. You DO NOT have to be in a classroom to learn (all of my learning happened around our kitchen table). There are so many great online resources to be used. Even just reading a novel is valuable, it teaches you new words, improves your imagination and is healthier for your eyes than the blue light that comes from your phone screen. Take the time and use it wisely. Don't feel ashamed if you don't see yourself going to university. I tried that self pity party and it was a waste of my precious time. There are many jobs that do not require a college degree. Whatever happens, the Lord is faithful and He will provide all your needs. Just remember His timing is not ours, so wait patiently.

To ALL of you wonderful mommas with kids at home 24/7, or in need of someone to watch over your children. GOD IS FAITHFUL. I'm not a mom but I have definitely seen some of the trials that come with motherhood. If you homeschool already or have been thrown into it because of this pandemic, I just want to say learning from a book is not everything. It's one thing to be book smart and it's another to be life smart. From what I've observed, public school doesn't teach life smarts all that well. So I encourage you to take advantage of this time. I applaud every mother, your role is so important and essential. Your sacrifices are so priceless and are often times overlooked. Without Mother's there would be no one to kiss our scratches better, no one to bake cookies with, no one to lay with us when we have trouble falling asleep, nobody to tell our scary dreams to and teach us how to say please and thank you. There would be no one to confide in and ask for advice, to pick us up when we fall down and remind us of how valuable we are when we feel worthless. We need you, we appreciate you, and we love you. When you lock yourself in the closet with a bag of icy squares, He's there to hear you vent. You are always speaking words of life and encouragement to the loved ones around you, so take a minute and let someone else do the same for you. Whether it be a podcast or a two minute devotional for moms. You need and you deserve that time to refill. So take it. Jesus is closer than your heart beat, He is a patient ear waiting to listen, and a shoulder to lean on. No issue is too small or too big. THANK GOODNESS. And the peace He provides is perfect. I want to share two of my favourite verses with you >>

  • And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7

  • Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Isaiah 26:3

Thank you to each of you who takes the time to read my blog. Your support is invaluable. God bless you all.

Sincerely, The Prairie Girl 💕


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