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Have I Forgotten?

Hello again! I hope you are all doing well since the last time I wrote! The wonderful season of Christmas is upon us! Oh, how I love this time of the year. There are so many lovely things to enjoy about Christmas! Tasty food, time spent with family, relaxing while listening to Christmas music, skating on the pond, drinking hot apple cider by a crackling fire, family traditions that never grow &.......did I mention....FOOD hahaha?

Who would of thought that the Saviour of the world would come to earth in a tiny package wrapped in swaddling clothes? The King of the Universe, born in a barn. The Creator of the world, laid in a feed bunk. He sure made a humble entrance that's for sure.

Last winter I wrote a poem that I would love to share with you. These words I felt spoken by the Lord directly onto my heart. I have never written a poem in my life, I didn't even know I was capable of it. But it's funny what can happen when you be still and let the Lord take a turn talking. It's not about Christmas, but it is about Jesus and He is the reason for the season after all.


Why was I so blind to see how much Christ has given me?

How many times must I hear, He loved me so my cross he bear?

He traded dignity for shame, respect for disgrace, just so He could take my place

My place He took upon that tree so I had hope from a lost eternity

He walked the walk and talked the talk and yet I criticized and mocked

With pointed fingers and fists of fury, I'm the one that swayed the jury

I watched with wondering eyes as He reached to save the lost like me

There was no shame in the ones He touched, in the hearts He cleansed, and bodies healed

I can imagine the compassion on His face and the way He spoke and moved with grace

I like to think I'm pretty grand, but what I have to show won't stand

My heart is broken, I am unspoken, when will the fire within be awoken?

I know and see the example He left for me, but it won't move from head to my hands and my feet

Where is my helping heart? Where are my reaching arms?

I say I am unashamed, yet I am afraid to speak His name

I close my door and turn my eyes, I cross the street on the other side

Where is my love like Jesus?

Where is the proof He lives in me?

Where is my testimony of the love and light within?

Why would Jesus love me so when I am a doubter from my head to my toes?

Why would He loves sinners?

Why would He love me?

Why would He forgive and forget as far as the east is from the west?

Did I forget who drove the nails and oh that crown of thorns he wore?

Did I forget to remember Jesus when He has never forgotten me?

When I was wearing sins chains, when I couldn't get a breath, when I was suffocating and oh so close to death

He drew me in with tender mercies and gave me a place to rest

I know I'm far from the mark, I know I've gone astray, but He is still beside me in His everlasting way

When I look back and see the journey of this life, the tears, the pain, the toil, I will know it was worth the fight

To walk hand in hand with Jesus, to follow and have Him lead the way, is all I need to keep me striving each and every day

Do not be discouraged, but lean on Him the more, for He is right and the way of Life and the Saviour of the world

I will remember it was His love that brought Him here, with wounded hands He holds my heart and always hears my prayers

He has never forgotten me, only my sin from memory fades

And oh the deep deep love of Jesus can wash it all away

His love for you is endless and unconditional. It is incomparable to any love we as humans know. Christmas was the start of Christ's journey here on earth and it ended with Him making a way for us to welcome Him into our hearts. What a blessed thing, to have and to know Jesus. Do not forget this Christmas season that it was because of our need that Jesus made His way from Heaven down to earth. We have much to be thankful for, even if this years Christmas season looks a little different than the past. We have a Saviour that overcame the world and is always working in our favour. There is no need to fear what we cannot control. With wounded hands, He holds our hearts and ALWAYS hears our prayers.

Sincerely, Chels💕


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