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Footprints in the Sand

I can hardly even believe how fast this summer has flown by. I guess it's true what they say, "time flys when you're having fun". I hope your summer has been amazing and not too overwhelmingly busy. 😜

I spent the last two weeks camping at Clear Lake in Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba. If you have never been there, I HIGHLY suggest adding it to your bucket list. It is the perfect atmosphere for people who love cozy boutiques, sipping on an overpriced latte, eating tasty food at a cute restaurant with twinkle lights, playing volleyball on the beach, overindulging on ice cream, and relaxing to the serenading sound of a crackling campfire. Or if your anything like me: just settling into a good lawn chair on the beach with a cheesy romance novel.😍 (Yes, I am that person.... who grins like a fool at the pages in my book.)

When I am able to pry myself away from my enrapturing book, I enjoy walking along the beach in the cool solitude of the evening. The rolling of the tide onto the beach is like a song to my ears. The surging ripples are a beautiful picture of the calmness and tranquility of God's nature and God himself. I love to walk in the wet sand, right where the lake and the beach collide. I place each foot with careful intention and pull away slowly to reveal a perfect imprint of my foot. I press my toes deeper into the sand and relish the feeling as it squishes between my toes. On one of my many macchiato drinking & talking with Jesus excursions on the beach, Jesus spoke to my heart in a way I wasn't expecting.

I glanced over my shoulder at the perfect string of footprints trailing behind me. I stood in awe as I watched the tide slowly erase any proof of their existence. I thought to myself, "Wow, isn't that what Jesus has done for me?" He takes the trail of chaos and sin that I have created and he washes it ALL away with His blood. In a very short amount of time the tracks were completely gone, no evidence that they were even there in the first place.

With Jesus, our sin is removed immediately, no waiting time, no processing needed.

Hebrews 10:17 says, "And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more."

YES, Jesus DOES NOT hold on to the memory of our sins like we so often do. He won this victory on the cross. He does not continue to see us as the vile sinners that we are, but He sees us under the banner of Jesus Christ. Washed. Saved. Redeemed. Worthy. Enough. Loved. Forgiven. Cleansed. Yes, this is how He sees us. So why are we still trying to fight this battle today? The battle of our yesterday's sins and regrets. The worry that we will "never be enough". We have never been enough, that is why we NEEDED JESUS. He makes us ENOUGH. Do not let your past failures keep you on your knees. You have to STAND UP. Do not let them keep you in a constant state of guilt and regret. That is why He went to the cross. So you wouldn't have to live with your shame any longer. The devil comes to you when you are vulnerable, when you are not seeking Jesus, when you are not filling the empty holes in your life with the Word of God. Satan will come in the form of lies, the form of worldly pleasure, he will bring back the painful memories that you have tried so hard to bury. Far from Jesus is a very dangerous place to be. He wants to bring you down, and he starts in your mind. The devil will use your past to keep you discouraged and distracted from your future. If you are constantly under attack from the devil it is because you are a threat to him. He sees something in your future that he desperately does not want you to reach. Let this encourage, inspire and put a fire in you to keep praying for God's strength, keep reading His living Word, keep praying when it is hardest to pray, keep remembering the goodness of Jesus. KEEP GETTING UP OFF YOUR KNEES The POWER in you is the SAME POWER that RAISED UP JESUS FROM THE DEAD.


The God that instructed Noah to build an arch to save mankind is YOUR GOD TOO.

The God that brought the Israelites out of Egypt and parted the Red Sea is YOUR GOD TOO.

The God that helped David bring down a giant is YOUR GOD TOO.

The God that saved a Christian Killer like Paul for HIS own glory is YOUR GOD TOO.

The God that created this world from NOTHING is YOUR GOD TOO.

The God that sent HIS ONLY SON as an offering for YOU is YOUR GOD.

This is OUR God and He is good even when we are not. He is good even when life is not.

He can move mountains that stand in our way. He can take down giants that seem impossible. He can part the Red Sea in your life that is keeping you from reaching the other side.

He opens doors that no one can shut and He shuts doors that no one can open.

Sincerely, The Prairie Girl💕


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