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Dear God,

I couldn't count how many times I have said these two words. Correction, they are much more than words. It is a cry for help, a realization of your dependence upon God, thanksgiving to answered prayer, your peace & calm in the storm, rest to a wrestling soul, a home for a wandering a heart, the place you sink to your knees in desperation, the only words that escape my lips when there is nothing else I can say.

Dear God, thank you for the gift of life, thank you for my family, thank you for my job, thank you for all of your blessings..... Dear God help me, rescue me, carry me, protect me, don't leave me, love the unlovable version of myself that no one knows..... Dear God I can't keep hiding behind these walls, ignoring the pain behind these glass eyes, faking it till I make it. Trying to be the strength I need when I am too weak to walk alone. God if you don't move this mountain please give me the strength to climb it.

Who do you go to first in your time of need, who is the first person you call for advice, the first person who knows your exciting news? Where do we look when we are searching, when we are yearning to do more, to be more? When we want to feel loved, when we want to be accepted? Let me just say this if you are looking in all the wrong places "If it breaks God's heart, why do you think it will fulfill yours?" Imagine the trouble we would avoid if we went to God First. If we asked "What would Jesus Do" instead of rushing blindly into what "WE think we should do". In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths. He doesn't give you all the answers, He doesn't always give us everything that we ask for. Sometimes He withholds answering prayers from us that could be more harmful than helpful. He sees your past, your present, and your future. Sometimes He says Yes, sometimes He says No, but sometimes He says "Wait, it gets Better".

Whatever your "Dear God" is right now, just know that He is listening. He hears those silent prayers, the ones you whisper through each sob, the ones your cry out on the bathroom floor, the questions you keep asking to no avail, the "Help Me" as your toteing your kids through Walmart, the "give me strength for tomorrow" as you kiss their foreheads goodnight, the "provide for me" when the bank statement reads $0, the "comfort me Father" when life is just too much. He hears you in the fleeting moments of the day, in the wee hours of the night, He is listening for you, waiting to come to your rescue.

In the "I don't know" and the "I can't do it anymore", He is still God, He is still there. He knows what we need before we even know, before we can even ask, HE KNOWS. So when you can't find the words to say, when you can't move past the cloud that hangs over you just say "Dear God", He knows the place your in, the place you wish you were and the place you are headed. He knows what you need when all you can say is His name. Nothing that I say can change your heart, but everything about Him can. Jesus is the Master of rebuilding broken things, broken people. He is a good good Father that cares for each and everyone of His children.

Yet again, I leave you with a lot of questions. That only you can answer, only you can fill in the blanks. What is your "Dear God" right now? Whose name are you going to say? "Chelsea what are you going to do?" or "Dear God, take this". My mission, my goal is to point you to the unshakeable power and love of Jesus Christ. Not that you would know my name but that you would know HIM.

Dear God, Thank You

Sincerely, The Prairie Girl 💕


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