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Can I even give A Sandwich?

There is nothing quite like a well-made sandwich! In fact, sandwiches are my favorite food! Roast beef, egg salad, ham, turkey, cucumber, bacon, venison, lettuce, peanut butter and honey, peanut butter, and raspberry jam! I could honestly keep going! I've even had a sandwich that was SO good it made me cry! joke😊!

Well, since I am such a sandwich lover, my love for eating them is also taken into the art of making them! You could call me a Sandwich Culinarian😂. But I'll get to the point. This is just a simple example of how the Holy Spirit hit me with the truth when I was not walking in it.

My big little bro asked me to make him a sandwich (Roast Beef to be exact). I was making one for myself so it wouldn't be too much trouble for me to make him one while I was at would think. But no......I didn't think. I said no and continued to ignore his requests for me to make him a sandwich. When I sat down at the table with 1 sandwich and not 2, I was questioned. "Why did you not make a sandwich for Layne as well?" This was my reply, "He would never make a sandwich for me. Why would I make one for him if he would never return the favor?" I know😕.......I was thinking the same thing when I replayed it in my head.

My selfishness made me think of one mans selflessness. That may seem ironic, but let me explain. He came and gave everything when I had nothing to give in return😯. He does not turn us away because we come empty-handed. Metaphorically speaking, Jesus made a sandwich for me, even though I could not make one for Him.

As I continued to think about my actions, my mind was taken to a hill where 3 crosses stood, the middle one with a man that went there out of love for you and me, even when we had nothing to offer in return. I thought of the nails in his hands and feet that held Him there, but I remembered that it was His love that kept Him on that rugged cross. I came to Him with scraps and He gave me a mended heart, I came in turmoil and He replaced it with peace, I came with shame and He traded it for honor, I came with defeat and He gave me the victory.

All too often our willingness to do something for someone else is based on what they can do for us in return. This is not how the love of God works. He comes saying "I know you have nothing to give me, but I want to give you everything".

~ I want to give you love like no other person could ever give you.

~ I want to give you peace that you cannot fathom in your wildest dreams.

~ I want to give you joy that goes deeper than the moments that make you smile. It is the kind of joy that still holds a little flame on your darkest days.

~ I want to give you grace that still abounds when you fall short.

~ I want to remove your sin as far as the east is from the west.

~ I want to give you forgiveness that knows no limits.

All of this I freely give to you, even though you have nothing to give in return. What an amazing God we have, that even in our selfishness, He is STILL selfless. His love knows no conditions or "unless you do this....then I can love you". So many of us today are blessed with so much. Don't let your selfish heart scorch the possibility of showing someone kindness, even if they have nothing or won't do anything for you in return.

Selfishness is not Christlike, and as Christians, we are called to imitate Him, even if it means having a little less so that someone else can have a little more.

Thank you for your support. May God work in our hearts.

Sincerely, The Prairie Girl💕


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