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To the women out chasing Jesus & cows (2).png

I am Chelsea Chapman, Christ follower, Wife, rancher, sister, daughter, business owner, sourdough enthusiaist, & rebel when it comes to the modern narrative that is being normalized & pushed. I am a Canadian prairie girl through & through. I live for that constant prairie wind & trudging to the barn to feed the cows in negative tempatures! 


1 Peter 3:15

Exodus 14:14

Isaiah 26:3

Matthew 5:13

Psalms 23:4

Romans 4:21



In a world where femininity is traded for feminism, men are hated & children are worthless I am here to go against the grain, stand for truth and bring back morals. The God designed version of family, marriage and love is being done away with and labeled as offensive & outdated. I refuse to sit by and stay silent as the mob destroys what is sacred and holy. Join me on this mission as we fight the darkness that ensues!

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